Top reasons to have your vehicle appraised

Selling a collector vehicle: An appraisal can help when selling a collector vehicle.


Top reasons to have your vehicle appraised

Substandard restoration: Did you pay for the prize winning restoration only to find out that the only prize you win is the "booby prize"?


Top reasons to have your vehicle appraised

Claim settlement: If you are arguing with an insurance company over the value of your vehicle after a loss then an appraisal NOW can be a big help.


Why have your vehicle appraised?

Divorce: Yes, the "D" word. Don't ever let a court or some attorney determine what your vehicle is worth.


Why have your vehicle appraised?

Donation/Gift: The IRS requires an appraisal for any substantial gift to charity or eligible museum, etc.

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Auto Appraisal Network- Austin 

Auto Appraisal Network of Austin provides auto appraisal services in Austin, TX and the surrounding suburbs, towns and counties.  We do appraisals for insurance needs, prior-to-loss/diminished value claims, divorce and estate settlements, resale valuations, pre-purchase inspections and can serve as an expert witness in court for your legal needs.  We specialize in providing appraisals for classic and custom autos, late model vehicles, motorcycles, boats (including antique boats) and personal watercraft, small planes and RV’s (recreational vehicles).  
We are the only nationwide independent auto appraisal franchise in the United States and our certified reports are accepted by all major insurance companies and legal systems. Our network of professional appraisers are ready to help you. We offer both onsite, in-person appraisals, as well as online appraisal reports for your convenience.  

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Your Austin, TX Local Appraiser 

Auto Appraisal Network in Austin provides the most complete and comprehensive appraisal reports for custom and collector car valuation needs. 

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